About Us

Gregory Kim is principal of Gregory Kim Consulting. He has developed his skills through working on a variety of national, provincial and local projects.

  • Evaluation service activities include: evaluation framework development, proposal writing, ethics review, instrument development, participant recruitment, quantitative and qualitative data analysis, data management, and research co-ordination. Gregory is a member in good standing with the Canadian Evaluation Society (CES) and American Evaluation Association (AEA)
  • Knowledge exchange activities include: defining key audiences, gathering key messages; forming networks of knowledge users and creators; evaluating the effectiveness of knowledge products, developing knowledge transfer tools and vehicles including but not limited to interactive games; conference presentations, community engagement activities, report writing and article writing.
  • Equity and diversity service offers include: the development of organizational equity plans, equity training, diversity training and equity audits.

Past Clients

In the recent past Gregory Kim Consulting offered services providing evaluation, knowledge transfer and diversity/equity services to the following clients:

Alliance for South Asian AIDS Prevention
Canadian Mental Health Association - Toronto Branch
Canadian Mental Health Association - Peel Branch
Community Care Information Management
COTA Health
Habitat Services
Houselink Community Homes
Madison Community Services
Mental Health Commission of Canada
Mood Disorders Association of Ontario
Ontario College of Art and Design
Ontario Coalition of Agencies Serving Immigrants
Public Health Agency of Canada
Sunnybrook Assertive Community Treatment Team
...and many more.